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Hi, welcome to Emulation Zone

Emulation zone provides you with the largest rom archive on the net. Our unlimited upload capacity means we can constantly upload and keep you updated with the newest roms. We also provide a super fast ftp download facilty. I hope you enjoy using the site, im sure you will be back soon to download as much as possible!

   "Anniversary!" written by: Writer on Date (06.07.06.)
We have reached the 1st year anniversary of our newest website version 2.3. The year has been a great success for all gamers and we hope to carry on providing such a high quality service into the future... Thankyou to everyone for your support.

   "New signup" written by: Writer on Date (06.06.06)
We have changed our signup procedure slightly, which has been a result of our affiliation with another gaming company. We now use their signup process as it allows us to concentrate more on creating new files for all the members.

   "Huge member database!" written by: Writer on Date (01.02.06.)

Hi members! congratulations if you have signed up with us! We have acquired a massive network of members due to our great reputation in the the emulation network. Many Gigabites of downloads are waiting to be downloaded, and our bandwidth is large enough for thousands of members to download at the same time. It would take years to play every rom we have! If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thankyou - webmaster

   "Rom Requests" written by: Writer on Date (11.12.03.)
Last few weeks, i had a huge amount of rom requests, too many to handle, but i have added another 10 roms for each console category. This should keep all you fans happy for a while! I will try and fulfil all other requests as soon as possible. If you missed out this wek, just try again.

   "New Design! " written by: Webmaster on 06.07.03
Welcome to our new site, I hope you like the design. I think thats i was time to upgrade the site to promote the massive increase in our rom collection, now we should be able to provide one of the largest archives to help you download easier.
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New Gamecube roms!
Increased server size to 100gb, so more downloads! YAY
(July - 06)


New ftp download facility reports +30% download speeds !


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